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Paraoptometric Resources
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"Being a Paraoptometric - correction a MARYLAND Paraoptometric - means we get to be on the front lines of a growing field in the world of Optometry in our State. We get the opportunity to make our voices heard as we seek education, change, growth, and recognition. Best of all - there is no cost to join the MOA Paraoptometric section! Simply sign up and get involved!"                              

                                                             - Rosemarie L. Lobley-VanZant, CPOT, CPOC
                                                                           MOA Paraoptometric Chair

All paraoptometrics/optometric staff of AOA member ODs may become AOA associate members and have access to all current Paraoptometric Resource Center (PRC) member benefits and services, at no membership cost to the paraoptometric and no added membership cost to the AOA-member optometrist. Paraoptometrics interested in gaining access to these resources should request that their AOA member OD enroll them.

Take full advantage of this milestone moment to offer paraoptometric staff expanded education and training opportunities, as well as other benefits, including:

To enroll staff:

  1. Log-in to
  2. Under the Optometrist tab, click on My Profile/My AOA
  3. Click on the “Manage Staff” tab
  4. Enter information for each staff person (non-OD)

For additional information visit

For questions or assistance, contact the Paraoptometric Resource Center at or call 800-365-2219, ext. 4108.

Member Benefits

Decoding the Paraoptometric
Paraoptometric Certification & Resources PowerPoint Presentation

Paraoptometric Contacts

Erlinda T. Rodriguez, CPO, Committee Chair AOA Paraoptometric Resource Center or

Rosemarie Lobley-VanZant, MOA Paraoptometric Committee Chair

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