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2017 MOA Award Recipients

  Recipient Name  Award Award Description 
Dr. Alan Glazier Optometrist of the Year

Presented to an optometrist in recognition of his dedicated and loyal service to the profession and to the Maryland Optometric Association.

Delegate Karen Lewis Young  V. Eugene McCrary Award Presented to layman in recognition of significant contributions to the enhancement of eye care for the citizens of Maryland.
Dr. Mark Gordon Melvin Waxman Award In recognition of his dedicated and loyal service to the optometric profession and to the Maryland Optometric Association.
  Dr. Howai "Jenny" Chan  Young Optometrist of the Year     Presented to a member optometrist who has been in practice for less than 10 years and who has shown remarkable skills when serving his/her profession, patients, and community.


Click HERE to read the MOA press release announcing 2017 award winners


MOA Newsletter: Eye Witness News 

MOA Eye Witness News 2017 Fall Edition





A Look at the Rich History, Culture and Bright Future of Maryland Optometry

In 1914, ten years after the introduction of the first bill before the Maryland legislature that sought to legitimize and regulate the profession, Maryland became the 32nd state to pass its optometry law. The profession, especially in Maryland, has had to overcome many hurdles to achieve the well-deserved respect and recognition it enjoys today. If you understand the unique political landscape in Maryland, you cannot help but appreciate the sometime strange, and always powerful, influence of medicine in State politics. Maryland was the last state to allow ODs to dilate pupils in 1989 -- this year however, we became the first state to reach a 50/50 percentage of men and women practicing optometry. Much has changed in optometry over the past 100 years; and yet some things still remain the same. 

Leading up to a grand celebration at the MOA 2014 annual convention ("The Maryland Optometry Summit 2014") we will be showcasing the past, present and future of Maryland optometry. Check back regularly for interesting historical facts, articles and pictures about the practice of optometry in Maryland.

More often than not, history is best told by those who have lived it. Please help us tell Maryland's story by sharing your perspective about the practice of optometry. Become an optometric historian now by joining the MOA Cents (short for centennials) Group or contact us via phone or email. 

  • The first optometrists were jewelers.
  • The first organized group of vision care specialists in Maryland was formed in 1898. They referred to themselves as the Maryland Association of Opticians.
  • The name "optometrist" came into general use around 1905, and the first bill to mention optometry in Maryland was introduced before the legislature in 1908. 
  • In 1908 a new group of vision care professionals formed called the MD State Optical Society. Officers were elected as was a Board of Examiners. The group decided to affiliate with the national association -- The American Association of Opticians. 
  • In 1913 at the sixth annual meeting of the Maryland State Optical Society, the association's name was officially changed to the Maryland Association of Optometrists.
  Congratulations to the Maryland State Board of Examiners in Optometry!

Many thanks for your 100 years of public service to the profession and citizens of Maryland. Happy 100th birthday and congratulations on the passage of Senate Bill 587/House Bill 791. Help the BOE celebrate these milestones and learn more about legislation passed this year that will enhance the Board's authority by visiting the BOE 2014 Centennial Facebook Page.

"Maryland Law Signed by Governor" (The Optical Journal and Review, Vol. 33, No. 17, Arpil 23, 1914.)
"Maryland Board Appointed by Governor" 
(The Optical Journal and Review, Vol. 33, No. 21, May 21, 1914.)
"The early history of optometry in Maryland" by Israel Dvorine, OD, FAAO
(Journal of the American Optometric Association, Vol. 47, No. 12, December 1976.)
"The History of MD Optometry" - an updated summary of the I. Dvorine article by former MOA President Elizabeth McGinn, OD

Maryland Club 
Illinois College of Optometry 1965

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