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MOA Public Health Programs
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Eye Care Provider Engagement Project

The MOA is joining forces with the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) in the Million Hearts Initiative, which aims to prevent 1 million heart attacks and stokes in the U.S. by 2017 by targeting blood pressure control, cholesterol management and smoking intervention.

This year's focus is team-based care and bringing eye care providers together with primary care. We seek to promote eye care provider engagement in chronic disease management of HTN and diabetes. The Maryland Million Hearts: Eye Care Provider Engagement Project (ECPEP) aims to

  • Survey current preventative health services practices and protocols for referring to and communicating with primary care providers;
  • Expand educational materials on hypertension and the importance of eye care providers n hypertension management; and
  • Increase awareness of available resources for blood pressure control,, diabetes management and tobacco cessation.


Mission 20/20 Initiatives & Programs

In 2012, MOA launched a public health campaign called Mission 20/20. The purpose was threefold: 1) to raise awareness about the importance of eye and vision health 2) to provide free vision health services and materials to underserved patient populations throughout the State and 3) to gain visibility and foster relationships with key State policymakers.

Last year, Mission 20/20 partnered with the VSP “Eye on Diabetes” Program and the local government of a jurisdiction in Maryland with a large medically underserved population. Together we provided five days of free public health outreach services including: eye exams, blood pressure testing, blood glucose testing (using a new machine that determines a patient’s blood sugar levels by measuring the fluorescence in the eye) and glasses to those in need. Patients were provided care on the VSP Mobile Eyes Clinic and at on site locations during the last two days that were made possible using portable equipment. The turnout was incredible and local media and politicians took notice. The local mayor, State Senator, Councilman and even Senator Ben Cardin stopped by to thank us for the service being provided to the community. In total VSP provided service on their clinic to 150 patients. 44 of these patients received glasses that day, made on site at the clinic and 89 received glasses 2 weeks later, processed at an off site lab. During the two days that MOA provided additional services at onsite locations, 215 patients were seen, of which 59 received glasses processed off site. An additional 493 VSP gift certificates were given out to residents who came to receive services but could not be seen.

Get Involved
Back by popular demand, this outreach project will deliver five days of free eye care and glasses to residents of Prince George's County and the City of Greenbelt. Patient care will be provided on the VSP Mobile Eyes Clinic during outreach days, August 11-15.

Volunteers are needed (especially VSP providers)! If you are interested in volunteering, please email the OD Coordinator for this year's Mission 20/20 outreach event, EVS 
Executive Committee Member, Dr. Kevin Chan

Kids Vision For Life Pilot Program

Mission 20/20’s focus for 2014 is children’s vision. MOA has partnered with the Essilor Vision Foundation to bring their new 501(c) (3) “Kids Vision For Life” program to Maryland. We have met with key policymakers in the State to propose a 3 school pilot program delivering free eye and vision care and materials to students in need. The first pilot program is expected to launch at the end of the 2013/2014 school year or beginning of the 2014/2015 school year. The overarching goal is to make the Program sustainable and Statewide through the creation of an “Office of Eye and Vision Health” within our Department of Health, similar to the “Office of Oral Health,” which currently exists and is funded by State, federal and local dollars. We are also engaged in a dialogue with the former Maryland State Superintendent of Schools about efforts to expand and standardize vision services provided as part of the IEP process for children suspected of learning disabilities.

Support Maryland Summer Special Olympics

Special Olympics International Lions Club Opening Eyes was held on Saturday, June 7th at Towson University in conjunction with the Maryland Summer Games.  Many thanks to the MOA volunteers who gave generously of their time and talents for  a successful screening.  We were able to screen 85 athletes and provide over 45 pairs of glasses and sports goggles!

OD's who helped include:  Diane Serex-Dougan, Barry Tilles, Salma Kiani, Ed Wasloski, Jo Brilliant, Dana Greiss, Josephine Owoeye, Lori Sportelli, Michelle May, and Dana Taylor.

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