Scope Summary


Authorities Include:

  • Independent Management of Open Angle Glaucoma Patients
  • Corneal & Conjunctival Foreign Body Removal (with any tool other than a scalpel)
    • Central Axis - foreign body may not perforate Bowman's
    • Other - foreign body may not perforate Mid Stroma
  • Ordering/Performing Tests
    • Bloodwork with physician consultation and results reported back to consulting M.D.
    • Cultures and swabs (no genetic tests)
    • Image testing (OTHER THAN  RADIOGRAPHIC)
  • Rx of ALL Topical Agents (except topic anti-metabolites)
  • Rx of ALL Oral Pharmaceutical Agents with the following exceptions
    • Controlled Dangerous Substances
    • Anti-fungals
    • Immuno-modulatory Agents
    • Immuno-suppressives (carve out for up to 1 month dose of oral steroids w/physician consultation)
    • Anti-metabolites
    • Glaucoma Medications to children under 18 years of age
    • ANY Oral Medications to children under 16 years of age

Licensure & Education Changes & Requirements

  • Board of Examiners in Optometry QEI Program Discontinued
    • Audit of 20% of License Renewal Remains
  • New TPA Education Requirement 10-hr Mandatory Education Course (counts toward 50 hour CE requirement)
    • Failure to Take Course by July 1, 2020 Will Result in Licensure Change -- TPA to DPA
  • *New BOE Regulations include following changes:
    • Increase Permitted Online CE Hours For Renewal Period (20 to 30)
    • Requires 10 Hours each Renewal Period be LIVE (provided by the MOA or another accredited Maryland statewide Association or non-profit organization)

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Silver Level Partners

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