Committee Chairs

Finance & Budget

Committee prepares and recommends an annual budget and conducts an annual review of the Maryland Optometric Association’s (MOA) financial records.

Chair: Saadia Tariq, O.D.

Legal & Legislative

Committee monitors the activities in Maryland and at the federal level that concern the legal, legislative, political and judicial interests of the MOA and works with the representing lobbyists and serves as a liaison between the MOA and its legal counsel.

Chair: Dean Gorgerdchi, O.D.

Membership & Member Benefits

Committee works towards enhancing member benefits, membership recruitment and oversee the activities of the Young OD committee and assist in the transition of student membership to active membership.

Chair: Katharine Funari, O.D., M.P.H., F.A.A.O.

Education & Convention

Committee  assumes the responsibility concerning areas related to the professional, academic and educational activities of the members of the Association. In addition, the committee oversees functions relative to the areas of research, optometric students, and the schools and colleges of optometry

Co-Chairs: Genevieve Gogerdchi, O.D.Jenny Chan, O.D.


Committee serves to present a slate for the election of Officers for the membership at the annual fall meeting. The committee will also be responsible for counting ballots in any election including those associated with the recommendations to the Governor of Maryland for the appointment to the Board of Examiners in Optometry.

Chair: John, Burns, O.D.

Young OD

Committee encourages interaction and networking between current active members, current optometry students and recent graduates.

Chair: Judy Hu, O.D.

Events Coordinator: Diana Chu, O.D.

Gold Level Partners

Silver Level Partners

Bronze Level Partners